Valentine's Day

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Hey babes! First and foremost Happy 2017, I know I'm late lol. But I swear I've missed you guys <3 .="" i="" lol="" now="" out="" s="" that="" the="" way="">Are you ready for Lover's Day aka Valentine's Day. I don't have many plans for this Valentine's Day but whatever I do I want to be dressed to the nines  *two snaps*.

When styling for Lover's Day, I love classic styles and colors. It's the only "holiday" I believe we should stick to the theme while getting ready. I love rich reds, pretty pinks, and classic all white whites Valentine's Day brings. Ladies, this is the for us to dress up, beat our faces, and wear those sky scraper heels unapologetically! 

Here's some Valentine's Day inspiration for you! The Jessy dress from GCG ME, is the perfect dress for any occasion. Dinner, dancing, play, shopping (I mean can you really be over dressed for shopping lol), no matter the event this dress will have there feeling sexy and looking stylish! I chose to keep my accessories to a minimum because the dress is a statement in itself. I can't wait to see your Valentine's Day pictures on Instagram. I hope you guys have a very happy (and stylish) Valentine's Day!

*When ordering from GCG ME, use code Ashley20 for 20% off your purchase* 

Eclectic Kurves & Simply Curvy's Holiday Lookbook: FAB Girls Night Out

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 There's only 10 more wake ups until Christmas! I'm more excited than the children haha, this year I'm truly in the holiday spirit. I'm sure it's because of the numerous holiday parties I've attended!

Today, I'm sharing the 2 part of the Holiday Lookbook Eclectic Kurves and I have put together to ensure you'll be fashionable for any event you attend this holiday season. Here's my take on a FAB Girls Night Out!

Eclectic Kurves & Simply Curvy's Holiday Lookbook: Date Night Glam

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Happy Holidays Ladies, can you believe it's already holiday season? 2016 is almost out of here! I teamed up with Sierra of Eclectic Kurves to ensure you go into the holiday season with a fashionable bang! Our lookbook will give you inspiration for 4 holiday occasions. I'm going to get you ready for Date Night Glam and a Fab Girls Night Out! First up on my list Date Night Glam.

Styling On A Budget

Hey Dolls! How's it going? I've been super busy lately. My 9-5 life consumed me during the last month because of the Presidential election, I'm so glad it's OVER! It felt like everywhere I went the topic of discuss was the election. I had to hide from the internet so I didn't go election crazy lol. Anyways, let's move away from the election and get to why we're here STYLING ON A BUDGET! 

Recently, I've been focusing on my personal financial discipline and I've been trying not to break my bank with my expensive shopping habits *yes I had an intervention with myself*. At one point I was spending nearly 3x over the amount I budgeted out for shopping, at this point shopping had truly become a compulsive you see why the intervention was needed lol.  

My "intervention" made me start to look at alternatives ways to shop outside of the traditional mall run or 3 hours online shopping spree. I tried thrifting, and while there are some women who can kill the thrifted looks..thrifting is not for me! When I tell every thrift store I went into was an epic was an #EPICFAIL. I tried to shop via Facebook sale groups and let's just say I'll never pay a Paypal invoice again without having my product first. I swear I was about to give up but then an ad for Gwynnie Bee came across my Facebook news feed. I figured this was my last option and the good thing was the first 30 days was 100% free!

Thank Sweet Baby Jesus I decided to try Gwynnie Bee! My wardrobe and bank account are both thanking me. This subscription service is seriously like having a never ending wardrobe, there's over 3,000 items to add to your closet! I wore a new dress to work everyday last month. But there's so much more to chose from other than dresses; there's skirts, pants, jeans, cropped tops, formal wear, weekend wear, coats, and it's all on trend! GB even provides a prepaid laundry bag to return your items in!

I'm not going to lie there's been a few items I've loved so much that I couldn't return, thankfully Gwynnie Bee gives you the option to buy your items for a discounted rate! I brought this Isabel + Alice dress I'm wearing in the pictures for $27 and it retails for $60!!!! GB for the win!!!!

Gwynnie Bee offers size options 10-32 and includes designers like TOCCA, Melissa McCarthy, Eloquii, ALFANI, Rachel Roy, City Chic, and so many more! They offer packages that range from 1-7 garments at a time! As my gift to you, you can try Gwynnie Bee 30 days FREE by clicking here. Your closet and wallet will thank you later!+
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