Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Dating Tips for a CURVY Girl

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Saturday was a date night for my boyfriend and I, we are such homebodies that we have to make sure we have a date night so we'll get out the house! While we were out I started thinking about my previous relationships and the many mistakes I made with my exes, I won't go into details about that or I'd be writing forever lol.  I will say if someone had "prepped" me about dating as a plus size woman, I may have not made so many mistakes! So here are my 5 Dating Tips for a CURVY Girl:

1.  Don't Settle
Don't settle for someone who doesn't make you feel beautiful. Don't settle for someone who is verbally, emotionally, or physically abusive to you. Don't settle for someone who doesn't respect you. Don't settle for someone that makes you are a secret. And if your boyfriend can't be seen with you in public or won't introduce you to his friends/family, then it's time to move one. Love and respect yourself enough to walk away from any relationship where your boyfriend isn't proud to walk around with you on his arm.

This one is pretty self explanatory. The way we dress and carry ourselves speaks volumes within itself. As soon as you step into a room people are instantly judging you before you even speak. Remember, the way you dress will not only determine the way men approach, but the type of men that will approach you!

3. Love Yourself First
" have to accept yourself for the beautiful person you are" - Marie Denee  
You can't love anyone else, without genuinely loving yourself first.

4.   Let Go Of Fat Fears
I know for a fact at one point in time I was my own worst enemy. I was so self conscious about my weight that often I made first dates very awkward. I nitpicked my every move during a date; Do I look fat? Am I breathing hard? What should I order to eat? Is he really into me or is this a fat fetish? These are just a few of the many questions I asked myself while sitting on a date and trying to look calm, cool and collected.

5. Never Give Up
No matter what happens during your dating experience, never give up! True love is waiting for all of us CURVY GIRLS <3

I hope these tips help you, if there are any you'd like to add leave them in the comment section!

Check out these photos from my date night with my boyfriend:
Rebdolls: Dress, Charming Charlie: Fringe Purse
My rings are actually toe rings :)
check out that dimple, idk why I was making that stupid face lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

eShakti Review

I was so ecstatic when eShakti reached out to me and asked if I was interested in receiving one of their garments to review, as a new blogger the answer was definitely YES! These mini accomplishments make me feel like my hardwork blogging is starting to pay off.

I love that eShakti allows you to customize your garment for only $7.50, with a tailor you'll spend nearly 3x more than that. eShakti's custom measurements form includes everything from inseam, thigh, chest, bust, arm length, hip, and every other measurement needed to ensure your garment fits like a glove! 

eShakti is definitely a site I will be working with in the near future, I loved ever aspect of the company from customer service reps, delivery speed, customization features, and their variety of style options. And did I mention they serve sizes 0-36W, eShakti is definitely offering Real Fashion for Real People!   

For all of you that will like to try out eShakti, use my discount "MYSIMPLECURVYLIFE" to recieve 10% off your purchase!
Romper: eShakti
Sunnies: Rue 21
Shoes: It's Fashion Metro

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Plus Size Tag (Video)

Happy Friday Ya'll! This video is long overdue my best friend Danielle (Dani G is her alter ego lol) has been wanting to collab on a blog post for so long and I was called out for this "tag" a few weeks ago so the stars must have aligned because we were finally able to make this video happen! I hope you enjoy, if you take this tag challenge tag me in your videos!!!!!!!
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Thanks for Reading & Watching!