Peace of Mind

The last few weeks have been trying time for a large majority of us. From police killings, no convictions in the #FreddieGary trials, Black Lives Matter protest, Donald Trump and the RNC, Hillary Clinton and the DNC, to an infinite list that can go on and one...the negative energy in the universe is starting to take a toll on our inner peace. I truly believe in the powers of positive energy, because of this I've decided to give you ladies 5 tips on finding a Peace of Mind:

1. Realize You Have Nothing to Prove
Many of us live as if we have something to prove to someone or to a situation that happened in the past. Often times this hinders us from reaching our full potential, because we still aren't living for ourselves. Always do things that truly makes YOUR SOUL happy.

2. Refocus Your Energy
Stop giving your energy to negative situations, thoughts, and feelings. In life, sh*t happens and that's okay. We grow from the life's find the beautiful in the struggle. (yes, I stole that from J. Cole)

3. Meditate
Taking the time to slow down and quiet your mind creates a healthy internal environment. Here are some tips on Meditation for Beginners from Jeanne of Finesse Curves.

4. Live in the Present Moment
Let go of the past & stop overthinking the future. The past is gone and the future will never turn out the way you're over analyzing it all you're really doing is plaguing your mind with negative energy. Take the time to feel and appreciate the world around you.

5. Self Love
The more we love our personal beings, the easier it is to find and maintain inner peace. Self love and care are the basics of finding inner peace. Peace starts with YOU!

I don't think these tips will solve all of the worlds problems, but in the words of the late, great Tupac  "I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world."

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Let's Go Shopping w. GROUPON

Hi Ladies! Want to know a secret about me?!?!?*you have to promise you won't tell....okay* I'm obsessed with extreme couponing! I haven't had the courage to actually go into the grocery and put my new skills to use though, I've just been having the fun in my head lol. It started out with me faithfully watching the show on TLC, since then I've been searching the web for couponing tips, couponing blogs, couponing apps and my research still isn't done!

One of my newly found couponing loves is Groupon Coupons! YES....the same Groupon that saves you tons of money on concerts, local events, and all-inclusive getaways now offers verified discounts and coupons to many of my favorite retail stores! Some of the retailers include Sephora, Macy's, Talbots, Khol's, and HSN..just to name a few. I know you'll find great coupons with this app. And if apps aren't your thing, you can find the deals online here!And did I mention it's FREE!!!!! Hundreds of coupons at your fingertips for the cost of free.99! I'm beating myself up for not using Groupon Coupons sooner.

Independence Day

*All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me...all the mommas who profit dollars, throw your hands up at me*
It's Independence Day weekend, and Americans will be celebrating America's freedom day. Unfortunately on July 4th, people weren't invited to the BBQ & they didn't get a taste of freedom until 86 years later. But I digress.
Nothing compares to freedom in this life and I'm grateful for the sacrifices my ancestors made to ensure I can enjoy life as a "free" woman of color. Although we're not where we need to be, we're a lot further from where we started. Enjoy your holiday, use it to reflect, and enjoy time with your family and friends. Oh, and save me a burnt hotdog ;)
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Hi, My name is Fat Girl...

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Talk about a conversation starter! Every time I wear this t-shirt from Corrissa of Fat Girl Flow, I feel like changing my name to Fat Girl. Because all people seem to notice is that my shirt says "fat girl", not that my jeans are fabulous which make my legs and a$$ look great or that my curls are popping, or even the fact that my face is giving a natural flawless glow. Nope! All they see is a walking "fat girl" label and dammit I LOVE IT!

There's something so liberating about owning being a fabulous fat girl! After 24 years of being in this fat body, learning to love it unconditionally, appreciate it and to finally see it's beauty..I think it time to #OwnIt! I won't allow a few "fat shamers" or people who don't understand my simple curvy life (pun intended lol) to steal my shine. It's so funny to me how other people are intimidated or feel uncomfortable when you embrace your true self and love yourself apologetically. I hope one day they'll find their inspiration, like I did rocking my Fat Girl Flow tee!

Photography: Eagle Vision Creations