6 Reasons Why I Hired A Personal Trainer #SimplyCurvyGetsFit

Well I'm 3 weeks into my #SimplyCurvyGetsFit campaign and God knows it's been rough but I'm definitely glad I made the decision the to get serious about my health. Not that I'm having any major health issues this is simply a preventative measure and I can still have my sexy curves that I love so much weighing a few pounds less. One major component of my #SimplyCurvyGetsFit movement is my daily workout routine. My workouts wouldn't be nearly as effective if I hadn't started working my personal trainer Gene of S.T.R.O.N.G Temple Fitness and Personal Training. Here's 6  Reasons Why I Hired a Personal Trainer:

1. Accountability and Motivation
Trainers are experts at holding you accountable. My gym is underneath my apartment and when I start slacking or  decide to skip a day, It kills me to go downstairs and walk past Gene lol. Seeing him everyday is true motivation that my behind needs to get a workout in that day before he leaves. 

2. CAN'T
Can't isn't a word in a trainers vocabulary. When working out on my own previously I always used the word can't and never did exercises I made up in my mind that I "couldn't" do. Now because of Gene I feel guilty about using the word can't, never say can't always try! Trainers can see the best in you even when you feeling low and don't believe in yourself.

3. Proper Form and Technique
Even after reading tons of fitness magazines and watching workout videos on YouTube, my form is horrible. That's partially because I'm uncoordinated anyway lol. In all seriousness, what's the point of working out if you're doing the exercises wrong and not getting the full benefits. Trainers will ensure you have proper body form and help prevent you from injuring yourself!

4.  Real Routines
We all know and love the basic workout routine stretch, treadmill, elliptical, drink water, go home. With a long term goal this routine can get very boring. Trainers help with diversifying workout routines. Switching things up can maximize your results!

   5.  Personalized Fitness Plan
Every body is different and personal trainers understand this. They know which diet plans and workouts work best for you and your personal fitness goals. 

6. Results
Working with a trainer will allow you to achieve the results that you cannot achieve on your own. Each person’s goals are extremely personal.  A trainer is going to develop goals that will lead you down a path to success. 

Good Luck with your health\ journey's! Join me in our private #SimplyCurvyGetsFit Facebook group for recipes, motivation, and health tips and tricks!

Hello September

Where is time going?!?! Gosh it feels like I was just celebrating my birthday in May and now I'm celebrating the unofficial end of summer. Although fall doesn't really start until September 22, as soon as September 1 (Labor Day weekend) hits I know my long summery nights are coming to an end. 
To keep the summer spirit alive, I pulled out my favorite white dress from Avenue! But you guys know, I'll be rocking my white attire after Labor Day and Beyond lol. Enjoy the rest of your summer and Happy September!
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Selfie Savings

I'm not the only one who takes nearly 20 selfies before I get the perfect one for IG...am I!?!?! I always joke with my friends that my selfie game is weak, but this selfie changed the game lol.

Since moving on my own last month, I've spent a lot of time getting to know myself and getting in tune with my inner being. First thing I found out, I DO NOT LIKE LIVING ALONE. I miss fussing with my brother, having someone else prepare dinner, and not having to clean more than my room lol.

Being alone has given me the free time to play in my makeup, pamper myself more and gave me the luxury of turning apart of my living room space into a beauty vanity. This space is giving me so much inspiration to create YouTube videos, learn how to truly contour (it's a learning process lmbo), and it's helped me spend lotsss of money on my newest make-up obsession.

Winner, Winner

Hey Curvy Ladies! I asked and you answered! After I recapped my looks from The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo on  Instagram, you guys asked me numerous questions about this cropped jumpsuit from Eloquii! I must admit it does look amazing on me * blushes*...and can you believe I almost didn't chose it. Everything about this jumpsuit is perfect from the print, the shape, the fit and the way it flows. The polka dotted beauty is definitely a WINNER!!!!
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