24 Things I Learned Before 24

Dear Mama...

Dear Mama,
I truly don't know where to begin this letter, I feel as though no matter what words I write...they'll never be enough to express to you how much I appreciate, love, and admire you. But, I guess I can start at the beginning. Mommy, thank you for bringing me into the world. I'm so grateful that you chose to selflessly carry me in your womb and birth me into this crazy, weird place we call earth (it's still a strange place to me 23 years later lol). Mommy Lady, thanks for all the sacrifices you make to ensure Antonio and I have all of the things our hearts desire. Although you've told me thousands of times not to let our wants hurt us lol, I truly can't remember a time when you didn't provide us with something we needed or wanted. Back in 2005, when we left D.C I couldn't understand for the life of me why you'd relocate us to this little ol' country town in Virginia. But now that I'm older I appreciate your choice, our lives were transformed in many positive ways since moving here. Truthfully, I don't think I would've accomplished as much as I have if it weren't for you relocating us here when you did. Mom, thanks for always being there for a good laugh, words of encouragement, life & boy advice(I'll get it together one of these days), and for being listening ear on those days I just need to vent. I can't ever repay you for all of the great things you give to me day in and out. I just pray that God allows me to be half as great of a woman, sister, friend, and mother as you are to me and the many people who's lives you've touched.
Happy Mother's Day Pretty Lady! I love you to the moon and back.
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Cupcakes & Conversations: Creating Your Vision for 2016 RECAP!

“I thought the event was very professional and very eye opening. With my vision board I hope to lay out my goals and aspirations for the New Year. This event just shows how hard VSU Trojans work to achieve and this is a prime example of why I’m glad to call myself a VSU TrojanHAIL STATE!!!” Laquanna Sledge

In January of 2016, I had my first event associated with my blog called "Cupcakes & Conversations: Creating Your Vision for 2016". This event was a milestone in my blogging career. It was the first since creating My Simple Curvy Life, that I swallowed all of my fears and just went for it! Thank God I did because this was the kick off to many other great events that I'll be hosting for my blogs following and for my community. 
I appreciate every person who attended the event, you guys are forever apart of the Simply Curvy brand's history! Thanks to all of my volunteers, dessert sponsors (Ms. T's Sweet Treats and Ayesha's Delicious Delights), event photographer (Eagle Vision Photography) and the amazing Jaleesa of Coach Jaleesa, who was the guest speaker at the event. Jaleesa's words of encouragement, motivated me to not only finish my vision board but actually accomplished many of the goals I laid out for myself and it's only April! And last but not least a huge THANK YOU to Scoop VSU, for capturing the event through video and photography. You guys went above and beyond for to make this event an everlasting memory for me, I'm forever grateful. 
Check out the recap of the event and my exclusive interview about Cupcakes and Conversations: Creating Your Vision for 2016 with SCOOP VSU below:  
My Vision Board

Hello Spring + 2 Year Blogaversary!

Spring is in the air here in Virginia & I'm totally here for it! I love the the vibrant colors, crisp air, beauty and the feshness of springtime. I may be a little biased since my birthday is in May lol. But no matter the reason Spring is my favorite time of year. Cheers to the season of jean jackets and pastels :)
Outfit Details:
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Today marks 2 year of my blogging journey! Reaching this milestone feels amazing. Blogging has created so many wonderful opportunities for me. I've held multiple successful events, networked worked with many blogging near and far, spoke at events, started a styling company, and the list goes on and on. Creating My Simple Curvy Life has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! Thanks to everyone who supports my blog and shows the Simply Curvy brand so much love. I'm forever grateful to you guys. Cheers to another successful year!

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