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 Hey Ladies! It's Tuesday, which means we're one day away from a 4 day weekend...whoot, whoot. I purchased this super cute nude set from Rebdolls a few weeks ago, and had no idea where I'd wear it to (such a horrible habit). One day I'll find somewhere to wear it but in the mean time I'll share it with you!

These 2 piece monochromatic sets are very trendy this season! And what don't you love about the color nude?!?! I wear this color so much, I've self-proclaimed myself a nudist lol. I love how simple yet dramatic and fierce they are. I'll be adding more of this trend to my closet, they're available in several different styles and colors!

For The Love of Ankara

Last month I attended a shopping event in Richmond, VA, there I met the lovely Leeand of Diggin' Her Roots. I had been talking about purchasing an ankara printed skirt for the longest time and viola, the first booth I saw was Leeand's! The process of getting the beautiful skirt made went so smoothly, I received my skirt less than 2 weeks after placing my order. I love the customization options Diggin' Her Roots offers. This skirt is 100% customized for me and my body, I chose the length, band width and and waistband style, plus they have several fabric options! I'll working with Diggin' Her Roots more in the future!!!! I highly recommend checking them out.

The Perfect Boyfriend: Fall for Denim pt. 3

 Tall, dark, handsome, honest, stylish....Oh wait this post is about denim lol.  I've been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and I think I've finally found them...sorta. These patchwork straight leg jeans from Target's Ava & Viv collection are super cute and comfy, so of course I knew I had to have them in my collection. But when I tried them on the length was awkward on my short legs. Then I rolled up the pant legs up and voila my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans were born!

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